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Take your real estate investments to new heights in just 90 days with our transformative 90Up Challenge.
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Our 90Up Challenge has a track record of empowering real estate investors to achieve remarkable growth and success in just 90 days.

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Benefit from easy-to-understand, straightforward advice tailored for real estate investors.

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With our 90Up Challenge, you'll fast-track your real estate investing journey, saving time and effort.

Meet James Wells

James Wells, owner and operator of a successful real estate investment company located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has over 20 years of experience in the business. He specializes in the acquisition, management, and disposition of both residential and commercial properties. His deep understanding of real estate investments combined with his passion for teaching has created a platform for him to share his wealth of knowledge with those looking to level up their investment game!



In addition to our free content, located on YouTube and all major podcast platforms, we offer various other products for those looking to invest in their REI education. We have available: detailed real estate investing courses on Teachable, a group coaching course dedicated to answering all of your REI questions, and a one-on-one mentorship tailored to meet your specific investing strategy. Immediately after enrolling, you will begin building the foundation of your business, gaining traction, and seeing significant results. Do you accept the challenge? We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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Level up your investment game with professional Real Estate Investor, James Wells. You’ll learn tips and tricks about various investment strategies that James has perfected over many years of being in the business. 

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